Charles I

Charles took inherited the Stuart problems of money and religion from his father but seemed to exacerbate them to beyond crisis point. This ultimately led to Civil War and his own execution in 1649.
Charles I
1600 Born at Dunfermline Palace
1625 Accession of Charles I
1629 Dissolution of Parliament; beginning of the eleven years' personal rule
1633 William Laud appointed Archbishop of Canterbury
1635 Extension of Ship Money tax to inland counties
1637 Attempt to impose Anglican Prayer Book leads to rebellion in Scotland; Case of John Hampden highlights opposition to the raising of Ship Money
1639 The first Bishops'War; Charles agrees to the Pacification of Berwick
1640 April-May: The 'Short Parliament' ends in dissolution; August: Second Bishops'War ends in defeat for Charles at Battle of Newburn; October: Treaty of Ripon: Scots paid #850 a day until grievances are settled; November: Charles summons the 'Long Parliament'
1641 February: Triennial Act guarantees meeting of Parliament every three years; May: Execution of the Earl of Strafford; June-August: Measures to abolish prerogative courts and non-parliamentary taxation; October: Irish rebellion; November: Grand Remonstrance widens divide between King's opponents and supporters
1642 January: Charles attempts to arrest five Members of Parliament; leaves London; August: Charles raises standard at Nottingham: formal start of civil war
1649 Executed at Whitehall
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