Henry Pelham

Brief History
The son of Thomas, First Baron Pelham of Laughton and Lady Grace Holles. He was the younger brother of Thomas Pelham, the Duke of Newcastle. He was educated at Christ Church, Oxford. Through family connections, he was quickly identified by Robert Walpole as a rising star. His first post was as a Lord of the Treasury at the tender age of 25. He would then serve as secretary for war and paymaster of the forces. In 1743 a coalition saw the two brothers serving side by side - although not always showing eye to eye agreement on everything. As Prime Minister, Henry did not fully prosecute the War of Austrian Succession and quietly pulled away from the conflict.
Henry Pelham
Date of Birth
January 1695
Thomas Pelham and Lady Grace Holles
Hart Hall
Marital Status
Married Lady Katherine Manners in 1726
Seaford (1717 - 1722)
Sussex (1722 - 1754)
1720 - 1722 Treasurer of the Chamber
1721 - 1724 Lord of the Treasury
1724 - 1730 Secretary at War
1730 - 1743 Paymaster General of the Forces
1743 - 1754 First Lord of the Treasury
1743 - 1754 Chancellor of the Exchequer
6th March 1754
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