The British Empire was largely expanded and defended on the back of military endeavour. Both the Royal Navy and the British Army had crucial roles to play. They would later be joined by the RAF in the Twentieth Century. The military leaders, captains and generals would often play the heroes for the mother country although their exploits would understandably be seen from a different light by those they conquered or fought off. There are many biographies of military personnel in the Armed Forces section, but some of the more famous ones will be included here.
Picture Name Year
Valentine Baker 1827 - 1887
Charles Gordon 1833 - 1885
Henry Evelyn Wood 1838 - 1919
Redvers Buller 1839 - 1908
Horatio Herbert Kitchener 1850 - 1916
Hector Macdonald 1853 - 1911

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by Stephen Luscombe