Thomas Pelham-Holles
Duke of Newcastle

Brief History
The son of Thomas, First Baron Pelham of Laughton and Lady Grace Holles. He was the older brother of Henry Pelham. Newcastle was the most prominent of the Old Corps Whig who had stayed in office throughout the reigns of the first two King Georges. This would lead to difficulties with the far less political King George III. Thomas would find it difficult to hold together the loose coaltion of Whigs without the unflagging loyalty of the monarch.
Thomas Pelham
Date of Birth
21st July 1693
Thomas Pelham and Lady Grace Holles
Clare College
Marital Status
Married Lady Henrietta 1717
1712 Lord Pelham
1715 Duke of Newcastle-upon-Tyne
1717 Privy Councillor
1718 Knight of the Garter
1717 - 1724 Lord Chamberlain of the Household
1724 - 1748 Secretary of the State for the Southern Department
1748 - 1754 Secretary of the State for the Northern Department
1754 - 1756, 1757 - 1767 First Lord of the Treasury
1765 - 1766 Lord Privy Seal
17th November 1768
Suggested Reading
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