Frederick Robinson
Viscount Goderich

Viscount Goderich came to the Premiership in 1827 after the sudden death of Canning. Originally most people assumed that the Duke of Wellington would take over, but George IV surprised them by choosing the amiable Viscount Goderich who had served adequately as the Chancellor of the Exchequer under Liverpool. It was assumed that the King chose him in order to be able to dominate him. However the plan backfired as Goderich was unable to rely on the support of his colleagues and was temperamentally unsuited to the rigours of dealing with his quarrelling cabinet. He resigned just five months into his tenureship. He was not invited to join the Duke of Wellington succeeding government. He would however return to prominence as the Earl of Ripon by guiding the Slavery Abolition Act through the House of Lords during Earl Grey's government.

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