Bandmaster Charles Hartley

The drumhorse of the 20th had always been a grey or piebald/skewbald. This photo was taken either in Curragh or Colchester and gives clear details of the drum banner which was crimson velvet with mostly gold embroidery and quilted blue scrolls for the title and battle honours. The cypher was still that of Queen Victoria even though she had been dead for 10 years. The three dimensional quality of the embroidery shows up well here. The bridle has the old style bit with bit-boss, chain halter and yellow horsehair throat plume. The martingale had been discontinued for the rank and file of the regiment but on this horse there is the decorative linked metal and a breastplate with regimental badge similar to the one between the horse's eyes. The drummer's dress uniform is blue with yellow worsted cord and cap-lines. It should be noted that the 20th did not wear collar badges in dress uniform like most of the other hussar regiments. The black fur busby has a crimson bag, yellow upright plume, and yellow cap-lines around the middle and emerging under the bag. He does not wear a pouch-belt.

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by Stephen Luscombe