Field Officer's Tunic

The hussar officer's tunic followed a similar style for all the regiments but differed in the pattern of lace on the collar. The 20th had Diamond and Point lace, also used by the 4th 19th and 21st Hussars. The frogging across the chest was in six rows of gold chain gimp which ended in netted buttons and dropped loops. The same gimp formed the basis for the sleeve decoration, and around the base of the collar, and following the seams on the back of the tunic with trefoils and Austrian knots at the ends. The plaited gimp shoulder cords have a star and crown badge on each side, embroidered in silver, indicating the rank of lieutenant-colonel. The elaborate decorative Russia braid on the sleeves and collar were the distinction of field officers but this level of braiding was abolished in 1902 so that all officers had the same pattern on the sleeves and collar. This tunic, together with the levee breeches, boots and other items were sold at auction by Bosleys in December 2001. The catalogue information states that the uniform belonged to Lieutenant-Colonel Gerald Walter James Fitzgerald Stannus who was a nephew of Henry James Stannus CB, the first CO of the 20th Hussars from 1862 to 1873. He was from Lisburn, Co Antrim, commissioned into the 20th in June 1890. He did not command the regiment but served in South Africa and in WW1 as CO of the 1st County of London Yeomanry.

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by Stephen Luscombe