20th Hussars' Uniforms

Mounted Officer c1865 Officers in India 1866
Informal Officer Group 1866
Cornet, Stable Dress c1867 Officer in Undress 1867
Lieutenant 1870
RSM, Stable Dress c1870 Officers in India 1871
Regiment Galloping c1875
Officer Group 1878 Corporal & Private c1880
Mounted Private c1880
Officer's Gold Lace Officer's Pill-box Forage Cap
Other Rank in Undress, 1880
Sergeants c1880 Officer, Review Order c1884
Mounted Officer 1892
Officer's Mess Kit Colonel in Undress Frock 1896
Officer in Patrol Jacket c1897
Officer, India 1897 Parade, India 1898
Sergeants, India c1899
Field Service Caps Field Officer's Tunic
Khaki Uniform for South Africa 1901
Other Rank, Drill Order c1905 Dress uniform and Khaki, c1907
Officer's Forage Cap
Other Ranks, c1910 All Ranks, WW1

Regimental Details

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by Stephen Luscombe