Officers' Buttons

The top button is from an officer's uniform of the 1779 - 1783 period, the 20th's second incarnation. It is flat, made of copper alloy and silver plated.

The middle button, also an officer's, is dated 1791 - 1802 when the 20th was the Jamaica Light Dragoons. The Garter surrounding the XX is inscribed JAMAICA LT. DRAGS with a Georgian crown above. It is also copper alloy with silver plating.

The lower button is full ball shaped, copper alloy gilt and dates between 1809 and 1812. In Sep 1809 the 20th Light Dragoons changed from yellow facings and silver lace to orange facings and gold lace. They were still wearing the hussar-style dolman, until that was replaced by the 1812 light dragoon jacket. Ball shaped buttons were used for dolmans whereas the later LD jacket used flatter buttons.

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by Stephen Luscombe