General Sir George Anson GCB

George Anson, born in 1769, was the second son of George Adams who changed his name to Anson. The family home was Shugborough Manor, Colwich, Staffs. His mother was the Hon Mary Vernon, daughter of Lord Vernon. Young George was educated at Eton. He later lived at Rushal Hall, Staffordshire, and 5 Bulstrode Street, Middlesex. He was MP for Lichfield but rarely attended and did not speak. He was uncle to the other famous George Anson, Commander-in-Chief in India when the Mutiny broke out in 1857.

The portrait of Sir George Anson shows him wearing the uniform of a general officer of light dragoons. He served in various light dragoon regiments from 1786 up until the Peninsular War. He was in the West Indies with the 20th Jamaica Light Dragoons from the raising of the regiment in 1791 to 1798. In the Peninsular War he commanded the 3rd Cavalry Brigade at Talavera (23rd LD and 1st Hussars King's German Legion). He named one of his sons Talavera Vernon Anson who became an Admiral. At Salamanca he commanded the 2nd Cavalry Brigade (11th, 12th and 16th Light Dragoons). At Vittoria he was in the Left Column, commanding the 1st Cavalry Brigade (12th and 16th Light Dragoons).'

1769 Born
1786 Cornet 16th Light Dragoons
1791 Lieutenant 16th LD
1792 Lieutenant 20th Jamaica Light Dragoons
1792 Captain 20th LD
1795 Major 20th LD
1797 Major 20th LD
1797 Brevet of Lieutenant-Colonel 20th LD
1798 Lieutenant-Colonel 15th Light Dragoons
1799 Served at the Helder
1800 Married Frances Hamilton, 27 May
1800 Groom of the Bedchamber to Duke of Kent
1805 Lieutenant-Colonel 16th Light Dragoons
1805 Brevet of Colonel, ADC to the King
1806 Whig MP for Lichfield until 1841
1809 Brigadier General on Staff in Peninsula
1809 Commanded a brigade in 4th Division
1810 Major-General in command of a cavalry Brigade
1810 Equerry to Duke of Kent, until 1820
1813 On Home Staff
1814 Colonel of 23rd Light Dragoons until 1818
1815 Appointed KCB
1819 Lieutenant-General
1827 Colonel 4th Dragoon Guards 24.2.1827 - 4.11.1849
1833 Appointed GCB
1834 His wife died
1837 General
1840 Groom of Bedchamber to Prince Albert
1849 Governor Royal Hospital Chelsea
1849 Died on 4 November at Chelsea

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