Fourth Guidon 1815

The yellow facings of the regimental uniform were also the background colour of the guidons of the 20th Light Dragoons. The number 4 under the battle honour denotes the Troop or Squadron that carried the guidon. There would have been a crimson King's Guidon and at least 4 Regimental yellow guidons. The battle honour for PENINSULA was awarded on 6 April 1815 so the date is after that. The regiment also had the battle honour for Vimiera but that is not emblazoned on the guidon. This honour was awarded to the 50th Foot on 14 Nov 1812 so should have been awarded to the 20th LD at the same time. However some regiments like the Queen's received it in June 1833, the Northumberland Fusiliers received their honour in December 1825, the Norfolks in Sep 1820, the South Staffords in Nov 1831. The Worcestershire Regiment were awarded in July 1816, so the 20th could have been awarded VIMIERA after the guidon was presented in 1815, or long after they were disbanded in 1818. This poor colour reproduction shows the mixed gold and silver fringing around the edge. The union wreath in the middle is of roses, thistles and shamrocks. The devices in the 2nd and 3rd corners are also roses, thistles, shamrocks. The Hanoverian White Horses in the other corners face the flag staff.

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by Stephen Luscombe