Map of Centre Column Route

The route taken by no.3 Column was along the yellow track beginning at Rorke's Drift where B Company 2/24th were ordered to remain. There were another 2 companies of 1/24th posted at Helpmakaar. The first action was at Sihayo's Kraal on 12th Jan. The column then proceeded along the bottom edge of the plateau to Isandhlwana. The black lines show the direction and route of the Zulu impi on 22nd Jan. The dotted brown line indicates the route taken by those who managed, or attempted, to escape the carnage.

1. Rorke's Drift Mission Station
2. Camp at Isandhlwana
3. Major Dartnell's Bivouac, 21st-22nd Jan
4. Site of intended new camp
5. Where Chelmsford breakfasted on 22nd Jan
6. Ravine where Zulu Impi was found
7. Zulu attack on Isandhlwana
8. Fugitives' Route to Buffalo River
9. Where Hamilto-Browne watched the battle
10. Where Chelmsford met Lonsdale
11. Zulu attack on Rorke's Drift

Zulu War

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by Stephen Luscombe