Colonel Charles Knight Pearson

Pearson, an officer who had served in the Buffs commanded the no.1 Column, or Right Column, advancing from the southeast, across Lower Drift, towards Eshowe. His column included his own battalion, 2nd/3rd Regiment, the 99th, the Naval Brigade with Marines, and Artillery and Engineers.

He started his army career in the 31st Foot where he was adjutant. He served with the 31st in the Crimea and fought at the siege of Sevastopol. He transferred to the 3rd Foot as a captain in August 1857 and rose by purchase to Lieutenant-colonel. He commanded the 2nd Battalion from 1857 to November 1878, leading them in the 9th Cape Frontier War. After his service in the Zulu War he progressed to the rank of Lieutenant-General (1899) and retired with the awards CB and KCMG.

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