Map 1 of Isandhlwana 11am

The 6 main camp areas were lined up over 900 yards on the east side of Isandhlwana Mountain with the 2nd Battalion 3rd Regiment Natal Native Contingent at the north end, and the 1st Battalion 24th Regiment at the south end. The wagons were mostly kept in the nek between the mountain and Stony Hill (8). HQ was next to the 2nd Battalion 24th (7). The outlying units were:

9. Durnford and 2 Troops of NNH (Hlubi and Edendale)
10. Rocket Battery RA and D Coy 1/1NNC
11. 9 Coy 1/3NNC
12. Two Troops of NNH (Raw and Roberts)
13. 5 Coy 2/3NNC and E Coy 1/1NNC
14. E Coy 1/24th (with a detachment on the left)
15. F Coy 1/24th (sent later to assist E Coy)

The circular red dots with flags represent the vedettes on the Plateau and Conical Hill. These were a few mounted men of the Natal Carbineers.

Zulu War

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by Stephen Luscombe