Views of Eshowe

The top picture shows the mission buildings of Eshowe inside the fortifications built by Colonel Pearson's troops. Below it is a an engraving made from a sketch made by one of the defenders. The Zulus did not attack the fort in force but fired their rifles from behind cover and attacked any defenders who had to operate outside the fortification. One account, by Harry O'Clery of the Buffs described how: "..frequently our mounted outposts would be attacked by Zulus, who crept up to them under cover of the long grass. One poor fellow rode back to the fort with more than a dozen wounds. How he managed to keep his seat and fight his way through the enemy I cannot tell. Those who fell into the hands of the Zulus were terribly mutilated, and left in the open ground to be found by their comrades on the following day, and carried back to the fort for burial."

Zulu War

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by Stephen Luscombe