Raid on the Kraal

The illustrations in Hamilton-Browne's autobiographical book 'A Lost Legionary in South Africa' shows Browne in various situations. He described the action on which this painting was based: 'Here the Zulus, who had up to this time been firing at us from under cover, met and for a time we had a sweet hand-to-hand fight. Shield clashed against shield, assegai met assegai and the hissing word guzzie, as the stab went home, was answered by the grunt or yell of the wounded man. I had my hands full and had to use freely both sword and revolver. The enemy fought splendidly but my men would not be denied. Had not Sihayo been the induna (chief) of the impi who had killed their brothers, and would they not have their revenge.?'

Zulu War

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by Stephen Luscombe