The Attack on the Residence of Alexander Burnes

Despite warnings, Alexander Burnes failed to escape from a mob that had arrived outside his house. he was accompanied by his brother, Charles, and Major Broadfoot and there was a small troop of sepoys available. The failure of Macnaghten or Elphinstone to send a rescue troop to help him emboldened the mob. They set fire to his stables and started hurling abuse. The crowd was getting larger when a single shot rang out from the crowd. Major Broadfoot was killed outright. Burnes ordered the sepoys to open fire, but by then they were vastly outnumbered and with noone coming to rescue them they were soon overpowered. They were cut to death. Burnes was apparently lured into a trap when an apparently friendly Afghan told him to dress in local robes but once outside he revealed to the mob that he was with Alexander Burnes.

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by Stephen Luscombe