The Surrender of Dost Mohammed

Dost Mohammed had originally escaped from the British and fled to the Emir of Bokhara who promptly imprisoned him. The Emir finally relented and allowed Dost Mohammed to return to Afghanistan. It is claimed that he commented I am like a wooden spoon! You may throw me hither and thither, but I shall not be hurt!. The reports of his return alarmed the British, but on the 4th November Macnaghten was out riding with his assistant when they were approached by two Afghan horsemen. One of these was Dost Mohammed who surrendered himself personally to Macnaghten by offering his sword. The British were delighted by this turn of events and convinced that their policy was now going to work fully. There were even plans to withdraw the British completely and hand over the security to Shah Shujah's own soldiers.

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by Stephen Luscombe