Major-General Sir Robert Henry Sale

Major-General Sir Robert Henry Sale had been a part of the occupying force in Kabul but he was ordered to march to Jellalabad just before the general uprising began. The route was unexpectedly difficult largely due to the fact that the subsidies to the hill tribesmen who lived along the passes had been cut significantly. They therefore decided to supplement their income from the equipment and supplies of Sale's force. He did manage to arrive in Jellalabad only to hear of the rising in Kabul. Elphinstone's army set out to try and join with Sale's force in Jellalabad but only one single person made it through. Jellalabad then came under siege itself. Believing, incorrectly, that the relieving force sent to rescue them had been defeated, they attacked out of Jellalabad to raise the siege. They then joined forces with the relieving force and formed the army of retribution which attacked back into Afghanistan and rescued outlying garrisons and hostages, including his own wife.

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