Bahia Buen Suceso, Fox Bay East

This painting by Charles David Cobb shows the British Harriers closing down the military options to the Argentines as the Task Force arrived in the area. Box Bay East is on the West Island. The ARA Bahia Buen Suceso was a 5,000-ton fleet transport that was serving as a logistic ship resupplying the scattered Argentine garrisons around the islands. The ship was attacked by two Sea Harriers from HMS Hermes. However, because it was berthed so close to houses the Harriers had to use their 30 mm ADEN cannons rather than their General-purpose bombs. They succeeded in damaging the ship's bridge and engine room, and set fire to a paint store and workshop ashore. One of the Harriers was hit in the tail by a 7.62 mm calibre bullet while straffing the transport, though it was able to return to Hermes safely. This Argentine supply vessel was put out of action in an attempt to isolate the Argentine forces on the Western Island and so allow the British to concentrate their efforts on the Eastern Island.

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by Stephen Luscombe