Major Chris Keeble

The final surrender of Argentines at Goose Green was achieved through the actions of Major Chris Keeble, acting CO after the death of 'H' Hones, and the Spanish-speaking Captain Rod Bell RM. Keeble sent two captured Argentine NCOs forward under a flag of truce with an appeal to Air Cdre. Wilson Pedrozo, the enemy commander, that as a Catholic he should spare the lives of his men. Keeble wished to secure the liberation of the Falkland Islanders kept in the (It should be noted that, whether through confusion or intent, a flag of truce had not been honoured by the enemy earlier in this engagement.) Keeble's preoccupation with securing an agreement which would safeguard the lives of civilians in the settlement proved to be irrelevant: Pedrozo seemed far more concerned that he should have an opportunity to parade and address his men. Having established their priorities, both sides carried on. The parade, speech, and surrender took place; the Paras released the civilians, who had been locked in a single building for over a month.

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by Stephen Luscombe