General Basilio Lami Dozo

General Basilio Lami Dozo was a key member of the Military Junta and Commander of the Argetine Air Force. The Air Force was regarded as the most dovish of the three wings of the Argentine military establishment. They were least in favour of an invasion believing that the distances were extreme for its air forces and that maintaining air superiority would be a challenge. This was proved to be correct, although the Air Force was the only one of the three armed forces to acquit itself to a high standard. Despite facing a Royal Navy with considerable technological and professional advantages, the Argentine Air Force consistently dealt the British severe problems and inflicted significant casualties. As the British were able to establish themselves on land and set up more sophisticated Anti-Air defences, the task got more and more difficult for the Argentine Air Force and yet they continued to attack at extreme ranges and at considerable risk to themselves.

General Basilio Lami Dozo lost his position with the collapse of the Junta in the immediate aftermath of the War. In 1989 he was sentenced to an eight-year prison term in the criminal proceedings that arose from the War but in 1990 he was pardonedby President Carlos Menem and was allowed to keep his military rank.

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by Stephen Luscombe