Moody Brook Barracks

Moody Brook was the barracks of the NP8901 team on the islands. In this picture you can see the accomodation block on left, galley and store in the centre and the signals room/officer/sgt mess and accomodation on the right. It was the first target of attack by the Argentinians on the morning of April 2nd and the rooms were systematically destroyed by grenades in a text book example of house clearing. It was later claimed by the Argentinians that orders had been given to not harm anyone on the islands during the invasion. Whilst this was possibly true for the civilian population, the evidence at Moody Brook suggests that this instruction was not intended to be applied to the Royal Marine defenders. Fortunately, there were no Royal Marines in the building as it was attacked as they had all taken up defensive positions.

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by Stephen Luscombe