13th Hussars

Officers c1907

The white summer uniforms worn by these 5 officers of C Squadron had gilt buttons and gold shoulder cords. The badges of rank were worn on these shoulder cords. According to the 1900 Dress Regulations Second Lieutenants had no rank badge, Lieutenants had one star, Captains had two and majors had a crown. The central officer appears to have three stars on each shoulder. Perhaps the badges are one crown and two stars in which case he is the Lieutenant-Colonel Commanding the regiment. The officer seated on the left of the photo seems to be a 2nd Lieutenant without rank badges. The caps differ from those worn by the trumpeters in that there is no blue welt around the top edge of the cap. The cap badge is also different. The trousers are plain white and worn over short black ankle boots. No sword is word, but a cane is carried by each of them.

The NCO seated on the right of the photo is SSM Joseph Brearley who transferred from the 11th Hussars in September 1907. He went on to win the DCM in world War 1. This photo was sent to us by Janet Mullins, his grand-daughter who lives in Australia where Brearley resettled after retiring from military service. His rank is shown by three gold lace stripes on white cloth and crown above, pinned loosely to his right sleeve. The badges needed to be detached easily so that the uniform could be washed frequently.

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