13th Light Dragoons

Shako 1856 - 61

This style of headgear was influenced by contact with French troops in the Crimea. Both the French infantry and the mounted Chasseurs had this type. Our light dragoon regiments adopted it in 1856. Each regiment had a different colour horsehair plume:

3rd LD...........White/Black
4th LD...........Red
13th LD...........White
14th LD...........White/Red

The gold lace round the top is oak leaf pattern. The badge on the front is mostly gilt except for silver stipling inside each arm of the cross. The peak is decorated with gold wire and the chin-chain with rose bosses is gilt. What is not shown here are the caplines which thread through a ring at the back, go round the hat and fasten to the wearers tunic.

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by Stephen Luscombe