17th 21st Lancers

1991 Trumpeter

The band of the 17th/21st Lancers is the only group to wear the old style full dress uniform. This picture of the trumpeter, taken by Bob Marrion in 1991 shows many aspects of lancer uniform very clearly. The girdle round his waist is bright red and yellow as opposed to the dull appearance of the girdles in the group photo taken in1895. The fastening with 3 olivette style buttons is visible here. The cap lines attach to the czapka round the 'waist' of the cap, come down under the left arm, attach themselves to the right shoulder and the acorn ends finish up on the left shoulder. The trumpet should have red, yellow and blue strings attached to it, with decorative tassles, so that it could be carried on the man's back while riding. The trumpeter carried both trumpet and bugle, The trumpet to sound calls in barracks and the bugle to be used in the field.
He wears overalls, which is the cavalry name for trousers, with the distinctive double white stripes of the 17th. After the introduction of boots and breeches in the 1870s, overalls were only worn on dismounted duties. Today the band is not mounted so they only ever wear overalls.

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