17th Lancers

1903 Czapka

The final pattern of czapka was smaller in proportion than the style that had lasted up until 1853. There were only minor changes up to the end of the century, mostly involving adding battle honours. The upper half of the hat is in the white facing colour of the 17th. Flattened gold cord runs up the front, back and sides and crosses over the top. Under the cock feather plume is a cockade of coiled gold bullion with Edward VII's cypher on blue velvet in the middle. Below the white material are two strips of gold lace with a light of blue silk between. Below it, the lower half was made of stiffened black patent leather decorated with 'dead' gold lace. The gilt sunray plate on the front helps us date the czapka. On top of the coat of arms is the King's Crown, which is distinctly different from the Queen's Crown that ceased to be used when Victoria died in 1901. Beneath the coat of arms is the Motto and around it are the battle honours, the most recent being South Africa 1900-02. assuming it would take some time to have the caps altered the date for this item is from 1903 to 1914.
Courtesy of Bosleys Military Auctioneers

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by Stephen Luscombe