Royal Artillery

Company-Sergeant and Bombadier, 1832

Two paintings by Dubois Drahonet in the Royal collection. On the left the Company-Sergeant wears the summer white trousers and is in marching order with knapsack and folded greatcoat on his back. His shako is held on by a black strap, the brass chin-chain remaining in it's ornamental role. The white plume is encased in a weatherproof wrapping. His rank badge appears to be that of a colour-sergeant but the Artillery did not carry colours. The pole he holds is a half pike which replaced the halberd for sergeants of artillery in 1792. The infantry sergeants stopped carrying them in 1830 but they were carried in the artillery until 1854. His epaulettes are gold fringed and are red on top. His red sash has the sergeant's blue stripe in the middle with the knot and ends on the left. The Bombadier on the right clearly shows the double breasted coat with a single rank stripe on his right arm. He has dark blue trousers which does not agree with the light blue of the Spooner print (see Mounted Officer). His shako has a plaited cord festoon on the front, this was discontinued in March1831. He demonstrates the stance for touching the vent of the cannon with a lit portfire.

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by Stephen Luscombe