Royal Artillery

Gunner and Sergeant-Major, 1861

In this post-Crimea uniform you see the new tunic which replaced the former elegant tailcoat. The colours remain the same - dark blue piped in scarlet, scarlet collar and gold lace, but the badges of rank were to be worn on the collar as the epaulettes had been abolished. The black fur busby has a white plume on the left side (in front in the Horse Artillery) and a red busby bag. The belts are gold-laced and the magnificent sabretache is embroidered with the Royal arms, the battle honour "UBIQUE" etc. The sword is plain steel with a steel scabbard for junior officers, brass for Field officers. The fullness of the clothing adopted after the Crimea - a reaction to the former tight clothing gradually disappeared as tailors "smartened" things up.

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by Stephen Luscombe