Royal Artillery

Battery Commander and Gun Detachment, 1891

The mounted officer is a major in command of a battery of six guns. A junior officer would command a division (2 guns) and each gun would be under an NCO. The NCO, a sergeant, is seen here saluting the officer. Most of the ORs have white waistbelts but the man on the extreme left beside the gun has a brown leather belt with a matching pouch at the back. They all have white crossbelts which are, in fact, haversack straps with a fold-up haversack which looks like a pouch. Some men have a thin leather strap over the right shoulder supporting a water-bottle. The men all wear five-buttoned frocks whereas the officer wears a tunic. The sergeant has boots and breeches since he has to ride an unharnassed horse. The other men are in overalls, they sit on seats either side of the gun barrel or on the limber. The sergeant also carries a sword. The major has white undress belts with black leather undress pouch and an undress sabretache. The trumpeter behind him is mounted on a horse that has a breast collar and neck strap so that it can be quickly harnassed up to the gun team if required. His sword is attached to his belt at this time; a few years later it was attached to the saddle.

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