Royal Artillery

No. 4 Mountain Battery Officers, 1899

This photo was taken at Camp Hay, Breconshire during the annual practice of the battery. This is the only mountain battery serving in the UK at the time, the other nine being mostly in India. The central figure is Major Fulton. Seated on the right is Captain Smeaton. The man standing next to Smeaton is Surgeon-Lieutenant Kiddle wearing the undress uniform of the Army Medical Staff. The other officers are Lieutenants G G Traherne, A W Grepe, W J Fowler and 2nd Lieutenant Ker. They all wear undress uniforms of dark blue (including the collars). Breeches are dark blue with scaret stripe and the boots and gaiters are brown. Belts and gloves are brown. The young officer at the back has a white pouchbelt instead of a Sam Browne. His sword is suspended from white belts attached to a webbing belt worn beneath his frock (which has breast pockets while the other RA officer don't). They all wear a pillbox forage cap.

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by Stephen Luscombe