Drummer, 1750

A mounted drummer followed the commanding officer to relay messages to the troops in the same way that a bugler was used 50 years later. This is from a painting by Morier that is quite rare in that the dragoon drummers were not usually depicted. Regiments of horse had drum horses like those of today seen in the Household cavalry, but dragoons were descended from mounted infantry so had a man dressed like an infantry drummer with the drum attached to the man rather than the horse. His horse is grey while those of the rest of the regiment were dark brown or black. His cap is the grenadier style, buff with garter, crown and trophy of arms embroidered on the front. Under the garter is a red upturned flap with the Hanoverian white horse and motto. His coat is very decorative. It follows the rule of musicians' coats, being reverse colours, ie buff with red facings and turnbacks. The white and dark green stripes match the edges to his saddle housings. He is armed with a sword and pistols.

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by Stephen Luscombe