Officer, 1767

This painting of a dismounted officer shows the pattern of the uniform very clearly. The style of silver lace on his red coat is similar to that of the officer 1756 but he is not wearing gauntlets so we can see his cuffs more clearly. The flap with three buttons is red, edged silver, but the turned up part is buff edged in silver. There are buttons down the right side of the front, spaced in threes. The waistcoat is buff with silver lace, unbuttoned to allow the officer to put his hand in a la Napoleon. The silver cords hanging from his right shoulder were discontinued after 1768 when a single epaullette was attached to the left shoulder. This helped keep the crimson sash in place. His collar is red but has small buff buttoned tabs at the front, edged in silver. A better view of this is to be found in the portrait of William John Kerr The sword is held in it's scabbard, showing that it is easily removed from the waistbelt. On his feet are short boots with spurs attached. These look like boots for dismounted wear only which makes the spurs difficult to explain.

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by Stephen Luscombe