Private and Trumpeter, 1845

The man on the doorstep offers us a good view of the back of a Private. The pouchbelt can be seen with the spring hook for the carbine which is stuck in his saddle. The plain black sabretache was carried by other ranks as well as officers in the hussar regiments. This was not the case in lancer and light dragoon regiments where officers only wore them. He wears his pelisse over or instead of, his jacket. The shabraque on his horse has the corner turned up partly to protect the embroidery and partly to prevent chafing on the horse's leg. He is not wearing a plume in his busby which he would in full dress.

The mounted man is a trumpeter, also wearing his pelisse. His busby is grey fur, a special distinction in the 11th Hussars as trumpeters normally had the same colour fur as the rest of the regiment. Both men wear the cherry coloured trousers that were the unique aspect of the 11th Hussars.

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by Stephen Luscombe