Lieutenant and Other Ranks, c1900

The young officer is Lieutenant A B Lawson who distinguished himself in the First World War. He is in full dress, dismounted order. We are able to see the top of his busby and the way the crimson bag appears to come out of the fur. The sabretache was discontinued at around this time and he does not seem to be wearing one. The other ranks are all in walking out dress, full dress tunic with pillbox forage cap. The one exception is the Squadron Sergeant-Major sitting by Lawson's left arm. He is a senior Warrant officer and has a patrol jacket that is almost officer-like. It is dark blue with black mohair lace on the cuffs and collar and down the front. The cuff lace is traced with thin black braid making a trefoil at the point and a figure of 8 below it. He has quilted gold chevrons surmounted by an embroidered NCO's arm badge and a crown. He wears a brown leather ammunition bandolier. Only the officer wears a pouchbelt, as other ranks' pouchbelts were discontinued around this time. The SSM and the sergeant on the other side of Lawson have gold lace on their forage caps while the others have yellow worsted lace.

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by Stephen Luscombe