Mounted Sergeant and Private in Walking Out Dress c1909

The sergeant has the same style of tunic as the lower ranks, having yellow braid. Above his gold chevrons is the silver arm badge worn in this rank. The caplines are attached to the cap underneath the busby bag, falling down and up to the back of the neck where they encircle the neck. The private walking towards him is a man of long service as shown by his the good conduct stripes on his left sleeve, and medals. He also had a marksman's badge above the stripes. The caplines, when not attached to a busby come around under the left arm and hook up to a button. He has the crimson forage cap which replaced the pillbox cap c1899. His tight-fitting trousers are for dismounted duties and are worn with ankle boots and spurs. To complete the walking out order he carries a riding whip which gives him an officer-like appearance.

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by Stephen Luscombe