Officer, 1812

This painting by Robert Dighton has an inscription on the bottom 'J P Lindsett, 11th Light Dragoons Tudela, August 18th 1812. This shows that the 11th were wearing this style of uniform in the Peninsula. The 11th returned to England in 1813 where they received their new style of uniform. The uniform here is in good order despite the rigours of campaign. The jacket is now more in the style of a hussar dolman and has lost the shoulder chains as worn by Lt Dalbiac. The breeches are of the same blue colour and have no stripe down the side. In full dress, pale buff breeches would be worn. His sabretache is hidden behind his sword so we cannot see if it is the full dress version or the plain black undress type. The hussar boots, called Hessian, have a black tassle at the front. The cap he wears was in fashion for a few years between 1805-8, slightly out of date here It is a Mirleton, copied fron the continental hussars. It has a long fly which was sometimes worn loose, but is here wound round the hat. In fighting order, the Tarleton helmet was worn.

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by Stephen Luscombe