Officer, 1801

The officer in this painting is wearing a tall peaked shako instead of the Tarleton helmet. There is an actual example of this cap which was exhibited at the Tower of London in 1952, describing it as an Undress or Watering cap of black felt. The cap has a gold and red cockade at the top with a white over red plume rising from it. Directly below it is a scroll on red cloth with EMSDORF in gold wire and silver spangles. The gilt chin chain is hooked up to the rear of the cap.

The blue jacket is waist-length and the chest is decorated with close set lines of silver braid and buttons. The red collar and cuffs are edged in silver braid, at this stage in a very simple fashion. The pouch-belt is a plain white leather undress belt with a black leather pouch on the back. His barrel-sash is all crimson. The gold barrels were introduced a few years later. He has white or buff breeches with hussar boots. The shabraque is quite large, and dark blue, the usual colour for light dragoons. The edge is decorated with silver lace and a silver tassel at the pointed corner. These corners are decorated with a very ornate device. See Shabraque Ornament c1801.

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