Officer and Trooper in Field Order, 1845

A modern painting by the well-known military artist and model-maker, Charles Stadden, showing Light Dragoons in the tropics at the time of the Sikh Wars. The trooper in the background wears normal winter uniform presumably it is the cold season - the shako being covered with a white linen cover as a concession to the climate. The officer in the foreground wears the undress stable jacket, a garment which survives to this day, being worn unfastened over a waistcoat as mess kit or evening dress. Curiously, he is shown wearing full dress shoulder belt with the silver pickers and chains but an undress sword belt of black leather. The scarlet stripes of the trouser seams would be gold in dress uniform. The sabretache does not appear to be an undress plain leather one as there is no badge but is perhaps the dress item with a waterproof cover.

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by Stephen Luscombe