Officer Group 1893

The officers are wearing stable dress for this formal group taken in England prior to the regiment sailing to India in 1893. The waist-length jacket is scarlet with green velvet collar and cuffs. And gold cord shoulder straps which, since 1881 had the rank badges sewn on, instead of on the collar. This order of dress was discontinued a few years later in favour of the frock coat or the serge frock with shoulder chains. The CO, Col Dickson, sits second from the right of the photo. He has a row of medal ribbons following his various services in the Zulu War and the Nile expedition. The new CO, Maunsell Bowers, still holds the rank of major, sits between the two staff officers who wear frock coats. Bowers, Dickson and the officer on the extreme right, as field officers, have broader gold lace on their stable jackets than the other more junior officers.

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by Stephen Luscombe