Officer's Undress Uniform c1904

This pattern of serge frock was introduced for heavy cavalry in 1897 to replace the fur-trimmed blue patrol jacket and the previous all-scarlet serge patrol-jacket. This one had a black stand-up collar but the cuffs were scarlet like the rest of the jacket. There were buttoned pockets on the chest and pockets without buttons on the hips. The shoulder chains were supposed to have badges of rank on them but there are none here so this could have belonged to a second lieutenant; they wore no rank badges in this period. The 1900 Dress Regulations stipulate that the cloth backing for the chains should be scarlet, not black as here. The collar has the silver badges that were worn from 1899 to 1906. The jacket is displayed here (in the regimental museum at York) with the Sam Browne belt and the undress pouch-belt which corresponds with the equipment worn by 7th DG officers in the group photo taken in India in 1891, although in that case they are in khaki. The pill-box cap is shown here even though this was officially discontinued around 1902. There are photos to show that this cap was worn much later than that, but this jacket was more usually worn with the field service cap.

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