Queen's Royal Hussars

Officers in No.2 Dress 2007

The officer in the foreground is a major with small crown badges on his shoulders embroidered on garter blue backing material. The captain behind him has gilt metal rank badges. The major has a fine array of medals dating back to the Gulf War of 1991. The brown leather undress pouch-belts worn by both officers have silver pickers and chains whilst the ones worn by the other ranks behind are plain. The difficulty of wearing a pouch-belt with a lapelled tunic is demonstrated here. The officers' shirts are white and in shirt sleeve order are worn with a bright blue stable belt. The ties are buff coloured and seem to be of varying material. The tent cap in green and gold is a distinctive feature of QRH uniform that was worn by the QIRH from 1958 to 1993, and before that by the 8th Hussars from the end if the 19th century.

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by Stephen Luscombe