Queen's Royal Hussars

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The Queen's Royal Hussars was formed on 1st Sep 1993 from the amalgamation of the Queen's Own Hussars (3rd and 7th Hussars) and the Queen's Royal Irish Hussars (4th and 8th Hussars). The 3rd and 4th Hussars were both raised in 1685, the 7th in 1689 and the 8th in 1691. All the regiments started life as dragoons but around 1780 the 7th and 8th were converted to light dragoons. The 3rd and 4th were converted later, in 1818. The 7th was the first regiment to be termed hussars, in 1807, the 8th in 1822. The 3rd and 4th, along with all the other light dragoon regiments became hussars in 1861.
Bosnia and Northern Ireland 1996-98
Bosnia, 1996
The regiment was sent to Bosnia in Dec 1996 as part of the Nato Peace Implementation Force(IFOR) which became the Stabilisation Force (SFOR). The were deployed in Challenger 1 tanks and remained until 1997 when they went to Poland to take part in a divisional exercise. Then they went to Northern Ireland on dismounted duty in South Armargh. The tour of duty lasted 6 months and in 1998 they were posted to Germany.
Kosovo 2001
One squadron was posted to Kosovo in 2001 in Challenger 2 tanks. The rest of the regiment followed on in the dismounted role, bringing the regimental strength to 654. They were commanded by Lieut-Colonel David Swann MBE, in Battle Group 2 in the British led Multinational Brigade Centre. They were based at Waterloo lines centred on the town of Podujevo.
Iraq 2002, 2004, 2006 and 2008
In 2002 the QRH were sent to Iraq for a 6 month tour. They patrolled the border with Iran in the Maysaan Province to counter insurgency and smuggling activities, using Scimitar light armoured recce vehicles. They completed three more tours of Iraq, first in 2004, then 2006 (Operation TELIC 8), when they were based in Basra and were visited by Prince Philip their Colonel-in-Chief, and 2008 (Operation TELIC 13) before marching through Coleraine in Northern Ireland on 10th July 2009 for a home-coming parade under the command of Lt-Col Chris Coles.
Afghanistan 2011
In October 2011 the QRH commanded by Lt-Col Ian Mortimer formed the Combined Force Lashkar Gah ( QRH Battlegroup) along with the Yorkshire Regiment, tasked with patrolling, operating checkpoints and understanding the local population and developing a good relationship. They worked in co-operation with Afghan National Police, handing over control of checkpoints, the final one, Checkpoint Dosti, being handed over in April 2012. Lashkar Gah is the main populated area of Helmand province. Whilst operating in the region of Pupalzay Kalay, east of Lashkar Gah, in Feb 2012 an explosion badly injured Corporal Jack Stanley causing his death.
Regimental March
The Regimental quick march was specially written combining The Light Cavalry march of The Queen's Own Hussars with the St Patrick's Day march of the QRIH. The Regimental Song is sung to the music of the second part of the quick march:

I'm a soldier in the Queen's Army
I'm a galloping Queen's Hussar
I've sailed the ocean wide and blue,
I'm a chap who knows a thing or two,
Been in many a tight corner,
Shown the enemy who we are,
I can ride a horse,
Go on a spree,
Or sing a comic song,
And that denotes a Queen's Hussar.

St George's Crossbelts
MENTE ET MANU Might and Main (from the 4th Hussars)
Better by Far (unofficial motto)
Regimental Marches
Light Cavalry / St Patrick's Day

Slow Marches
3rd Hussars Slow March
Loretto 4th
In the Garb of Old Gaul 7th
March of the Scottish Archers 8th


Canter Gallop
Bonnie Dundee

Regimental Days
27th June Dettingen (3rd, 4th and 7th Hussars)
25th October Balaklava (4th and 8th Hussars)
2nd November Alamein (3rd, 4th and 8th Hussars)
Recruiting Area
Northern Ireland West Midlands, Warwickshire and Worcestershire
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother
3rd Nov 1958 - 30th Mar 2002

His royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh KG KT OM GBE
30th Mar 2002 -

Commanding Officers
1993 -
1993 -
1993 -
1993 -
1993 -
1993 -
1993 -
1993 -
Battle Honours
The combined battle honours of the QOH and the QIRH
Predecessor Units
7th Dragoons
(1690 - 1783)
7th Light Dragoons
(1783 - 1805)
7th Hussars
(1805 - 1958)
Queen's Own Hussars
(1958 - 1993)
The 3rd King's Own Dragoons
1658 - 1818
The 3rd King's Own Light Dragoons
1818 - 1861
The 3rd King's Own Hussars
1861 - 1958
The 4th Queen's Own Dragoons
1658 - 1818
The 4th Queen's Own Light Dragoons
1818 - 1861
The 4th Queen's Own Hussars
1861 - 1958
The 8th Dragoons
1693 - 1775
The 8th Kings Royal Irish Light Dragoons
1775 - 1822
The 8th King's Royal Irish Hussars
1822 - 1958
The Queen's Royal Irish Hussars
1958 - 1993
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