Queen's Royal Hussars

Combat Dress, Sennelager 2012

There are at least two types of DPM worn by the regiment. This photo of the Colonel-in-Chief, Prince Philip's visit to the QRH was taken in Germany at Sennelager where they are stationed. 'They wear a pale green coloured combat uniform for 'the European Summer. 'In the Middle East they wear a more sand coloured uniform as seen in the photo of Prince Philip in Iraq. 'The officers are wearing the green and gold tent cap which is also worn in no.2 dress. 'The men have the distinctive green beret of the former QIRH, with a green cloth head-band. The prince and the officer next to him have a regimental blue striped badge on the upper right sleeve. 'On the extreme left of the photo a badge can be seen of an armoured fist which is the sign for the 20th Armoured Brigade.

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by Stephen Luscombe