Collar Detail

The double-breasted coatee replaced the full dress coat and the undress coat of the 1820s. Those two garments had blue lapels whereas now the coat buttons up from waist to neck showing a plain red front. The collar is red at the back but the gold embroidery is on blue cloth which can just be seen on the edges. The 1834 Dress Regulations mention a blue collar with no mention of the red back part, but this coat agrees with the one worn by Officer c1835. The pattern of collar lace is very similar to that worn by Guards officers in the 20th century but the silver grenade is more flamboyant. See Collar Detail. The cuffs are plain blue with a red flap covered with 4 gold lace button loops and gilt buttons. The rear of the coat shows two waist buttons and false pocket flaps decorated with 4 buttons and gold lace. See Detail of Tails. The white turnbacks are not edged with gold lace as before but a gold grenade and bow shape decorate both tails.

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