24th Regiment of Foot

Officer 1792

Many of the uniforms of this period are illustrated very well by the contemporary artist Edward Dayes. Simkin has based this illustration on his work. The officer shown here is in a battalion company and has one silver epaulette to denote that he is a lieutenant or captain. Majors and above had an epaulette on each shoulder. His lace and buttons are all silver as is the gorget around his neck. The oval belt-plate on his white sword-belt is also silver; it has a garter star design with the words XXIV or 2nd WARWICKSHIRE REGIMENT on the garter. The regiment had been designated 2nd Warwickshires in 1782. In the middle of the belt-plate is XXIV in gilt. The waistcoat is white and reaches just below the waist so that the lower hem shows below the crimson silk sash which, since 1868, is tied around the waist.

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by Stephen Luscombe