24th Regiment of Foot

Officer and Other Ranks 1870

The title of this painting by Orlando Norie is '24th Foot on Manoeuvres near Aldershot 1870'. However, both battalions were serving abroad at the time, the 1st in Malta, and the 2nd in India. But it is a fine painting and shows a patrol moving through the country in extended line. Their shakos are protected by oilskin covers and so we cannot tell if they are the pre-1869 shakos or the 1869-78 type. The corporal is wearing full marching order and we can just see his folded greatcoat on his back. He has a black ammunition pouch on the front of his belt. His tunic is the pattern worn from 1868 to 1870, with a pointed cuff, as worn in the photo of Sergeant Edwards. In 1870 a new tunic was issued, with the trefoil design in white piping on the cuff. The corporal carries the snider rifle.

The officer has gold braid on his green cuff indicating the rank of lieutenant. His method of carrying a blanket is having it rolled up and slung from the right shoulder. He has a flask which is not like the mens' and he wears white gloves. Across his left shoulder is his crimson sash. Behind him is a bugler wearing the dress tunic with shoulder wings and tape decoration on the sleeves etc. This tape was supposed to have repeating red crowns along its length but close inspection of the painting shows green crowns.

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by Stephen Luscombe