24th Regiment of Foot

Corporal and Private 1879

These two soldiers illustrate how the men of the 24th looked at the battle of Isandhlwana and Rorke's Drift. There was no difference between the uniforms of the two battalions. They wear the undress scarlet frocks with patch facings on collar and cuff. The corporal has white stripes, as opposed to the gold ones worn by sergeants and above. Both men are in light marching order, with no valise or greatcoat on their backs. They have ammunition pouches and haversack and water-bottle. Their Martini Henry Rifles have bayonets fixed. Whereas the sergeants had sword bayonets those for other ranks were of the socket variety which, if sectioned, formed a T shape, narrowing to a triangular section. They varied in quality so that some could be used for stabbing over and over, but others bent.

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by Stephen Luscombe