Grenadier 1751

The paintings by Morier in the Royal Collection are well guarded so only a black and white photo is available but the coloured illustration by CCP Lawson is useful. There are some differences with the painting by Sandby. See Grenadier Company 1747 The coat skirt is pinned back front and rear but we can still see the vertical white laced pocket which still differs from the other two Guards regiments. The blue lapels have plain white lace button loops which at this stage are indistinguishable from the other Guards, being spaced evenly. The lapels only reach to the waist and three button loops appear below that. This man is a private, corporals were denoted by a white shoulder knot that hung behind the arm. The waistcoat is red and well covered in loops. The belts are described as buff which looks paler in the photo than on Lawson's illustration. There is the brass match case on the upper part of the pouchbelt. The top of the case has a chain attached to prevent it's loss. In the photo of the original painting we can see the brush and picker hanging from the loose end of the pouchbelt. These are to clean the pan and vent of the musket. The buff waistbelt is worn under the coat. The grenadier mitre cap is blue-fronted and now has a red flap at the front. He wears white gaiters which come quite high up the leg. They are fastened with black buttons and a black garter.

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by Stephen Luscombe