RSM, Full Dress c1881

The style of tunic, or jacket as they are called in rifle regiments, differed greatly between officers and other ranks. This distinction was historical, officers having worn hussar style uniforms for many years while the lower ranks wore less ornate uniforms. This Sergeant-Major has the officer's type of jacket with black silk cords across the chest and Austrian knot figuring on the cuffs. His red facings are to be seen on both the collar and the cuffs. The colour of his uniform is stipulated being as rifle green but is usually described as looking black. The artist, P W Reynolds, has not even hinted at green in this illustration. The four rank stripes and crown are of black worsted on red cloth. His pouchbelt is similar to that worn by officers but has no badge in the middle. Other ranks had a black leather waist-belt which was worn over the jacket, the officers and senior NCOs carried a sword slung from a webbing belt worn under the jacket.

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by Stephen Luscombe